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HER Technologies, Inc. is a privately held biotechnology company developing a critical suite of consumer technologies that safely and effectively restores skin to a healthier more youthful state. We anticipate that our initial innovations will significantly impact a stagnant aesthetic industry.


HER Innovations

HER Technologies, Inc. has developed three proprietary technology applications to address the poor performance of today’s anti-aging products. Our patented technology represents a major advancement in skin care and is the first designed to deliver electricity at a scale that safely simulates the body’s own bioelectricity levels. We call it HERTruth.


We designed HERTruth to give consumers a highly effective over-the-counter (OTC) option to reverse cellular aging. Results are obvious and gratifying. It is affordable, painless, effective and for everyone desiring a younger appearance and healthier, more vibrant skin.


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Today's Science

HERTruth technologies train the cells by reminding them of their more youthful state. Diligent repetition over 12 weeks produces outstanding results. After the initial training, the time required to maintain excellent results is considerably less. Continued use produces further results.


HERTruth products enable ease-of-use at home and provide cost advantages that set it ahead of all existing competition in the consumer marketplace. The impact of our technologies is visibly obvious and clinically validated.


Our core technology for healing and restoring skin is Truth. All other HERTruth applications can be used in conjunction with Truth. With three different applications of our technology, consumers have the ability to choose the application that best suits their daily needs.

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Safe Innovations 
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